Thanks to Robust Flavor, Univ, and Coupe De Grace

The guys from Robust Flavor just sent me a bunch of tees and some wallets. Super high quality prints. The screen printing on black is thick enough where it'll last a life time. Would completely recommend them to anyone looking for some fresh tees.

You can't find a site for Univ, but they make a ton of threads that you can find at Robust Flavor. The company is about as core as it gets, comparable to Alphanumeric in the way they are run. The dog with the hat and the pipe is such a sick logo, I think it rivals Undefeated's hash mark five.

And Coupe De Grace has some of the best War theme shirts available anywhere. The white and teal one in this picture is my favorite shirt I currently have in my collection.

Check these guys out here:

Robust Flavor

Coupe De Grace