Skullcandy Icon Headphones

Skullcandy HeadphonesThe best lightweight headphone currently made. They are rugged and fit great under goggles if your a skier/boarder. Love or hate skullcandy, everyone in action sports should own these headphones.

Skullcandy Icon Headphones

Crowbar Sneaker by Shmack

shmack shoesThere are finally starting to be companies that are straying away from stock shoe make ups from larger companies. And its no coincidence that when the small guys bother to make their own designs, they end up being best sellers. Take a lesson from Shmack, this is the Crowbar Sneaker. Which is just one of two brand new designs for Shmack Shoes.

Crowbar Sneaker by Shmack

Von Zipper Spectral Tee

Von Zipper T ShirtI have always been under the impression that Spectral meant ghastly or ghost like or something. Apparently the designers at Von Zipper think ghastly means sweet looking 3 dimensional looking tee. Which I'm ok with.

Von Zipper Spectral Tee

Jersey from Matix Clothing

Basketball JerseySimple basketball Jersey from Matix Clothing. Nothing much to say about it, If you like basketball Jerseys you like it. If you don't- you don't. I like it, but that's because I like basketball jerseys cause they don't make my pits sweat when its hot out.

Basketball Jersey from Matix Clothing

Nike Air Mogan

Womens NikesThe Nike Air Mogan in this green and white color way is already the sneaker of choice for ladies this summer. The Velcro is a must have accessory on any mid or high top. Hell, as a guy I'd even wear this sneaker.

Nike Air Mogan

Loop Design Handbags

HandbagI believe the only handbags I've posted on here have been from the company Loop Design Handbags. It's for a damn good reason too. They make the most unique product. Check this pac man theme Pocketman Handbag out. Each of the New York Letters is even useable as a mini bag.

New York Pocketman Handbag

Brains Tee by Wollyhood

Graphic TeeWollyhood is the freshest company out. Literally, they haven't even had time to finish up their web site because they blew up so quick. Specializing in graphic tees for the Urban crowd they've already become one of the favorites at Karmaloop. Pictured here is the Brains Tee, which is available now.

Brains Tee by Wollyhood

Beautiful Decay has Wings

Beautiful DecayBeautiful Decay is better known for its monthly magazine, but they do also make some pretty nice prints. Pictured here is the Bulbous Wing Tee. I like its grungy look, and the color of the tee is pretty unique too.

Bulbous Wing Tee by Beautiful Decay

Asus Eeepc UMPC

eeepcFor many of us the Asus Eeepc is the only affordable option in the UMPC market. With a solid state hard drive and compact 7 inch layout, its just as good as most of the $1000 UMPC's out there. Comes with linux installed, but you can put windows on it if you want.

Asus Eeepc UMPC

Infamous Clothing

When I worked at the Saratoga Race Track last summer old ladies would come up to me and be like "Those blue eyes drew me right into you". Well guess what Infamous Clothing, your blue shirt draws me right into you. Now make a web site so you don't seem like some sketchy 3rd drawer company.

Infamous Clothing Text Tee

Junk Food Clothing

Junk Food Clothing is one of those companies that no one can hate. They are trying to spread some really positive messages, and have a site based on the American Flag. Do you hate the American flag? I didn't think so.

Omni Peace Tee by Junk Food Clothing

Unique Converse Tennis Shoe

tennis shoeIt was 74 today here in New York, that means summer is here. Time to get your summer kicks. These here are the Tennis Skimmers by Converse. Available now at Alloy.

Unique Converse Tennis Shoe

Cool Hoodies- Cardboard Robot

Cardboard Robot #8- The Bandit Hoodie by Cardboard Robot

The guys that run cardboard robot are completely insane, but they are 2 of the most creative dudes around. Again, I look for stuff that is different but not TOO different. The Bandit hoodie is like a modern day steezy turtleneck. That's why its number 8 in the Cool Hoodies Countdown.

The Bandit Hoodie by Cardboard Robot

Cool Hoodies- Tokidoki

#9- The Record Bling Hoodie by TokiDoki

What I look for when I'm finding cool new trends is something that is unique, but not outlandish. This open backed hoodie by Tokidoki falls right in line at number 9 in my countdown. Throw the hood down and it looks like a normal hoodie, throw it up and people can see you're rocking something with personal flavor

The Record Bling Hoodie by Tokidoki

Think Green by Kosher Ham

Think Green T Shirt Kosher Ham is the new kid on the block in the witty t-shirt game. Competing with bigger companies like Busted Tees and Snorg Tees can be hard, but I think these guys have what it takes. They are doing it right, offering free domestic shipping and discounts on multiple orders. Pictured here is the Think Green Tee which is available now for $19.99.

Think Green by Kosher Ham

Cool Hoodies- The Gator

cool hoodiesThis is the first in a series of posts over the next 10 days to outline my Top Ten Cool Hoodies for the Summer of 2008.

#10 The Gator Hoodie by The Loots

One of my favorite all over printed hoodies of all time. Bright, not a huge baggy fit, and made by a company that is still core to the street wear game. This is a must have for the summer.

The Gator Hoodie by the Loots

BK Corner by Zoo York Apparel

New release from Zoo York Apparel for their Spring/Summer line. This is a women's tee called the BK Corner. Nothing super unique about it which is one of the reasons I'm writing about it. Sometimes you don't need to stand out. Allot of the new Zoo York Apparel stuff is made for just fitting in- which isn't a bad thing at all.

BK Corner Tee by Zoo York Apparel

Geo Rainbow Tee by PL

Sometimes this blog gets too serious with keeping search engines and product optimization in mind. I'm just scratching all that with this post. It's a shirt with a rainbow on it, and it looks pretty damn comfortable too. Just a cool tee that will look good on any girl.

Geo Rainbow Tee by PL

Sirius Conductor

Sirius ConductorThe Sirius Conductor is the best solution for in home satellite audio. What the Sirius Conductor does is interface with your in home stereo, and give you all the programing info right on the remote. This means you wont have to get up to see what the name of that song is, or squint and still get the song name wrong.

Sirius Conductor by Sirius Radio

Sony All In One Computers

sony vaio Sony All In One Computers are flat out the sleekest PC's on the market. The entire Sony Vaio Lineup has design that is at least equal to the beautifully designed Mac machines that are so highly regarded in the fashion community. I encourage everyone to check out what Sony has to offer, pictured here is the Sony Vaio All In One which is comparable to the iMac in class.

Sony All In One Computers by Sony

Rip Curl Feria Hoodie

rip curl hoodyThe Rip Curl Feria hoodie is the best selling women's hoodie that rip curl has ever made. This here is the Rip Curl Feria Revolution with a slightly different, and better looking, paisley print- it's sure to be a hit too.

Rip Curl Feria Hoodie by Rip Curl

Mens Reef Sandals

reef sandalsThe Leisure series of mens reef sandals is time and time again their most popular series. Included this year is the White leather (pictured), reed, and turf flavors. Check out the other mens reef sandals after the link.

 Mens Reef Sandals by Reef

Quicksilver Wallet

quicksilver walletIf you're looking for a quicksilver wallet, or just a wallet made by someone other than a stock brand that at least markets to youth- then this Live Wire Wallet is an excellent choice. There is also a matching shirt and board short combo to this, so look out for that too if your playing the matching game.

Quicksilver Wallet by Quicksilver

Mens Board Shorts by Oneil

mens board shortsOneil has been around for a while so you know they are making quality stuff. These Revolver Mens Board shorts are no exception. Some of the quickest drying mens board shorts out there today.

Mens Board Shorts by Oneill

WeSC Headphones

WeSC HeadphonesGet these WeSC Headphones for your jogging cd player. They need them. They need them really, really bad. Just kidding these headphones would blow for jogging, but they are sick DJ headphones. So you could probably buy them for that.

WeSC Headphones by WeSC

Zoo York Hoodies

Zoo York HoodiesZoo York Hoodies are some of the thickest ones made. I have no idea who they use for a supplier and to be honest I don't care. The first of my collection of Zoo York Hoodies I bought back in 2003 and it's still going strong today. Picture here is Zoo York's newest Hoody for ladies, The Blocks Per Block Hoody.

Blocks Per Blocks Hoodie by Zoo York

Colored Jeans for Men by BBP

Colored JeansBBP makes some of the sickest stuff out right now. They are still growing, but these Colored Jeans for Men by BBP are dank. Most Colored Jeans for Men are those skinny legged ones, that make you look like an ostrich. Lets just say I've never seen a steezy ostrich.

Colored Jeans for Men by BBP    

Siphon Skate Backpack by Analog

Skate BackpackThe Analog Siphon Backpack is one of the best skate backpacks around. Understated so it'll go with all your gear, and won't make you pop out too much in the crowd. A backpack is something you want to blend in, not draw attention to. You don't need to get your stuff jacked.

Siphon Backpack by Analog

Robot Lines Tee by A Fine Mess

Robot Lines TeeI'm not a huge fan of Hot Topic. To be blunt, I can't walk into that store without fearing for my life. The people that work there are freaks and most of the goods there are creepy. However I always notice they have some pretty sick tees hanging on the wall. This here is the Robot Lines Tee by A Fine Mess, a tee that is found on that wall.

Robot Lines Tee by A Fine Mess