Belkin Clean Desk USB Hub

Are you one of those guys with a big desk that just hates to have cables hanging off the back of it? This USB Hub by Belkin will help to reduce some of the desk clutter, and give some function too. It drops in cleanly to a 2 inch hole that any intern could drill. $20, Available now at Tiger Direct.

Belkin In-Desk USB Hub (2-Inch)

Volcom Music Muffs

Winter gets cold, but sometimes you still wanna listen to your iPod when your outside. But at the cost of cold ears? No more! The new Music Muffs from Volcom cover your ears, keep them warm, and pump music. All at the cost of only $20 from CCS.

Get em here.

Bidz on Bling

Bidz.com is an auction site but they do things a little bit differently. They buy a bunch of overstock, and start $1 auctions every 5 seconds with what they buy. I've been keeping track of some things over there the past couple of days and you can find some ridiculous deals, 90% off retail is not uncommon.

They also offer an auto bid feature that makes it extremely easy to make money online. Buy items on Bidz that go unnoticed, and turn them on eBay for a profit. Easy to do, and takes less than a month to see results.

The best part about Bidz? You're not even committed to your bids! You can win something, and then not even have to pay for it. Sure as hell beats eBay.

Got a story you'd like to share about bidz.com? Share it here.

Check it out here

My Shared Items

Followers of my blog have noticed a change in the past 2 days. I have added a "My Shared Items" feed to the right hand sidebar. Currently it is set to show my 10 latest shared items in Google reader, but if you click the link at the bottom you can see every shared item in my entire library.

Another change readers will notice in the coming months is less product posts, and more trend predictions. Anyone can find a product, and make a short post about it (see my shared Items for hundreds). What takes skill is to look at a group of products, predict how the market will absorb them, and where they will go in the future.

Think of Your Ingredient as a hype filter, the blog that looks at everything, finds the coolest stuff, and then goes a step further.

Let me explain.

Generic Product Blogs find cool things, make a short post about them, and tell you when or where they are available.

What we do is the following:
-Subscribe to over 300 RSS Feeds.
-Subscribe to any newsletter we can get our hands on.
-Research the companies we blog about, and take into account their position in markets before publishing any article.
-Follow a business model that makes money, while remaining unobtrusive. If we weren't making money, we couldn't make as many posts, or be as well researched.
-Find deals on those cool products that others simply find at retail.
-Offer articles on how others can do the same as us (Usually from other meta blogs that are far more researched in SEO)
-Appreciate intelligence.

That's us. We're Your Ingredient. Subscribe to our feed, or add us to your favorite social bookmarking site using one of the buttons below each post if you like what we're all about.

Sirius Satellite Radio

It amazes me when i tell my friends that I have satellite radio, that I nearly always get the response "Oh sweet you got XM." No, no I did not get XM. I got Sirius, it has more unique programing (Howard Stern, Bubba the Love Sponge, NFL, NBA, NASCAR), as good of hardware, and costs basically the same. There is no reason to buy XM unless you want to ride Oprahs coattails as closely as possible. It's $12.95 a month, and the equipment ranges from free to $400 for the portable mp3 units. Go get it, you'll love uncensored radio.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Mini Blind Cleaner

Look at your blinds. They are dirty. Everyone in the world has dirty blinds. They are a complete pain in the ass to clean. That is unless you own this Mini Blind Cleaner from the Sky Mall. The best part is, it's only $8. Which means even if your making minimum wage if you save yourself an hour cleaning the blinds- it has already paid for itself.
Mini Blind Cleaners 2

Nike SB Dunk Socks!

The Nike SB Dunks are without a doubt, the hottest skateboard shoe on the market right now. The limited printed socks to look like them were also really hot while they were available. Guess what? They are back, imported from Japan- at $13 a pair these set you apart from all the other kids with the SB Dunks.

What are Lace Locks?

What are lace locks you ask? Lace Locks are hot. They just go on the very front of the lace by the toe to give your shoe an accent. I blogged about some a while ago. These however are cheaper, and just as good so I see no reason not to pick them up. As a matter of fact all the CCS branded product is pretty good stuff, usually from the same suppliers as companies like KR3W, Volcom, and Fallen. Get em now for $9.99.


Sweaters are sexy

This short sleeve sweater by Harajuka is classy. Not enough chicks wear sweaters in the winter, sometimes you just gotta cover up and not show quite so much titty. Some guys, including myself, think thats hot. Available now at karmaloop for $76.

Get it here.

Stussy x Gloverall Duffel Coat

Stussy and the English coat maker Gloverall have combined forced to make the Duffel Coat. Inner lining says "Mobilis in Mobile". Comes in Beige (pictures), Navy, or grey.

Check it here.

Sex Pistol Dunks

What do you get when a designer from singapore and clothing label named republic do a collab? Apparently a shoe that looks like something straight off a Sex Pistols album cover. While this is technically called the "Rogue Trooper", I feel the "Johnny Rotten" would have been a much more fitting name.

Regardless, check em here.

Kidrobot Icing Shirt

Kidrobot, more known for their toys than their clothing, has just released the "donut collection". New Era Hats, Toys, Shirts - Kidrobot is covering everything with this release.

Check it here.