Advertise With Your Ingredient

Ingredient Life is a growing eMagazine with a focus on fashion for the action sports market and the suburban teen.

Owned and operated by Andrew Flynn, we have many different advertising opportunities for companies that are trying to tap into action sports markets. Our viewers are highly targeted and reach this site either directly or through organic search engine traffic. This means anyone that visits this site, wants to be here.

Here are the different advertising options we can offer you:

  • Product Placement
    • You send us product, we write about it. Simple as that. Some products will be used in raffles/competitions, some will be worn by us at competitions and around the world.
  • Text Link Ads
    • Maximum character length of 160. (Currently 4 Available)
  • 125x125 Ads
    • 125x125 ads that are viewable on every page on this blog. (Currently 2 Available)
  • Interviews with Athletes, Personalities, or Employees
    • Got a product you're releasing soon but no samples? Don't worry, we're open to doing interviews through email, the phone, or in person. If you're an action sports athlete and looking for exposure don't hesitate to email us. We don't guarantee you'll be interviewed but it never hurts to try.
If you or you're company are interested in any of these opportunities please email me.