Being a Trendsetter in 5 Easy Steps


Here are my 5 steps to being a trend setter:

  • Read every magazine you can get you’re hands on for your industry. Blogs like mine may be gaining popularity, but there is still a unique power to print media. If it’s fit to print, there is usually a market for it. There is much less trash in magazines than there is on blogs.
  • Stay true to your locality. Wearing a BBC hoodie in Iraq is a good way to get shot. While if you’re wearing a dank turban with a high thread count in Iraq- I’d be willing to bet people would recognize your style.
  • Live your life. I cannot stress this one enough. If you spend all of your time reading magazines trying to be cool, you’re never going to be cool. You need to get out, go skateboard, go snowboard, go shopping at the grocery store. Just get out of your house and do what you do. When your life seems cool, people will latch onto your style.
  • Relax, don’t push your style on others. Everyone hates a person that is like “Yo checkout my new Tee.” Not pushing your style on others shows a confidence that you believe in what you are supporting through your style. Myself for example, I am sent tons of merchandise from companies. Some I give away, but the truly respectable companies I educate myself on the way they operate and wear it with pride.
  • Be your self. While it’s a good idea to take societies boundaries into consideration, don’t let them effect you too much. Everyone can be an idol to somebody.

Really, that's all there is to it. I'd even recommend starting a blog to let people know what your doing. It will ad local credibility like you wouldn't believe.