10AC: Future Style

The partnership between Caol Uno, and Nike Japan makes me wish i didn’t live in America. or at least that I had a stream of limited products from Nike Japan flowing into my mailbox. Pictured here are 2 hoodies that will be part of the 10AC Fall/Winter Collection. Notice the iPod slits on the roo pockets, nice addition there.

Check em here.

WeSC Voodoo Doll Hoodie

With a nice like We are the Superlative Conspiracy, you can expect some quality products. This Voodoo Doll hoodie does not disappoint. Bright yellow, with a cute (not creepy) little voodoo doll on the chest, and WeSC on the pocket. Available now for $78.

Get it here.

Torrel Torrel

Quality. Torrel Torrel produces the best Nintendo apparel on the market. Its also the only that is officially licensed. So why not respect the good guys and go pick up some of their gear. Pictured here is the Torpedo Ted Tee, which is available now for $50.

Get it here.

December Nike Premos

These are the Nike SB December Releases. You can find em' in some stores now...but if they aren't near you just go to in4mation shop online for some eye candy. My personal favorites are the blue, orange, and black blazers pictured here.

Check em' here.

Julius Rainboots

These Paul Frank Julius Rainboots in Magenta are not only steezy, but they keep your feet dry. Much cooler than UGGS that are like sponges. $34, Available now.

Get em here.


Regular boomboxes on shirts are played out. Boomboxes on as a dudes head at not. Pickup this Box Head by ARMORY at Karmaloop for $24.

Get it here.

Joy to the World

This hoodie by Paul Frank is the perfect Christmas gift for girls of any age. Only $56 and available now.

Get it here.

Dodger Denim

The wash on these is pretty unique, and since they don't have any over embellishments like 90% of other denim out there I think they deserve a spot here. Made by Artful Dodger, available now at Karmaloop for $120.

Get em here.

Lumber Jacket

Gentle Fawn makes some really unique womens clothing. The collar on this baby certainly lives up to that expectation. Available now at Karmaloop for $90.

Get it here.


These stretch twill pants in Kelly Green by Trip NYC are hot. Brand new, and very reasonably priced. Everything else is going green, so why not your pants? Available now at Karmaloop for $55.

Get em here.

Custom Beer Pong Balls

If you think your a pro at beer pong, make your own balls. Then someone might actually believe you. For 25 Balls each Ball is $2.25, price scales down with more bulk.

Get em here.

Heavy Rotation

Usually when i feature a brand, I will chose one of their products to showcase. With Heavy Rotation this is pretty hard since everything they make looks awesome. This Cowboy tee though is just ridiculous. Shirts from heavy Rotation are around $26 while hoodies float around $50.

Check em out.

Flip Top Cocktail Shaker

Everyone has tried to find two glasses in their cupboard with slightly different rim sizes to shake up a cocktail. And everyone has gotten sticky hands from doing it. Now you can not only avoid sticky hands, but shake your cocktail with only one hand and do something sweet with the other one like give high 5's. Made by Metrokane, available now for $30.

Get it here.

Turkey Cannon

The turkey cannon uses the heat of your oven, and combines that with the pressure and moisture of the evaporating liquid (beer) to decrease cooking time and increase flavor. Cooks up to a 24 pounder it 5-7 minutes per pound.

Get it here.

Sweden Tips the Scale

New sick colorway on the 574 New Balances. Everyone else is rockin dunks so go do something original with your life and pick these up. Available at Karmaloop now for $85.

Get em here.

Obey Droppin Axes

This one has kind of a lumberjack flannel vibe to it, will be dope for this winter. Made by Obey, available now for $62 at Karmaloop.

Get it here.

Pop this collar.

Or don't, cause it's huge. This Colton Pleated Fleece Jacket by Mike & Chris is available in black and cobalt blue (pictured). A little steep at $242, but it is unique and sometimes you gotta pay for it.

Get it here.

Energy Savings

A very simple modification to a standard electrical coverplate changes its function from one of consumption into conservation. A standard junction box behind the face plate catches your coins and saves them.

Check it here

Snorg Tees

Usually I don't post about the witty t-shirts because there are so many of them. Snorg Tees however continually puts out designs before anyone else. Updated Weekly, and reflecting the latest episodes of TV shows such as the Office, this company has my respect. Tees Start at around 15 bucks and general remain in that range.

Get em' here.

Addict x New Era

Swift Camo is back! Much more low key than those crazy thick banded camo prints that have been overplayed for so long. Addict also makes a parka with a matching print, which would be a hot setup for this winter. 100% Cotton, 59 Fifty hat, available now at the Addict store.

Get it here.


The art tee brand Enclothe has just made its Winter 07/08 Line available for pre-order. The shirts are $19, the hoodies are $40. If you order now you'll get your gear by the end of November. Which means in plenty of time for Christmas.

Get em here.

Pop Art meets Track Star

Straight up, coolest stadium style jacket in the world. Made by the brand Revolver out of Japan, with input from a French record label this jacket gives an international flavor to the American inspired stadium jacket. Available now for 32,000 Yen. If you buy it in actual Yen you get huge bonus points from me.

Get it here.

Vector Motors

This car is absolutely insane. Its the Vector Avtech WX8, Actualy based on the design of a camaro I find this to be one of the most badass looking cars on the road. Has 750 Horsepower, goes 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, and has a top speed of about 270.

Check it here.


MIMIJUDE is causing harm and stealing hearts. They are also being insanely creepy , reasonably priced, and devilishly clever. Go buy some of their shirts.

Get em here.


Bebo isn't that new. But what is new is they are adopting an open source system supported by Google. Google doesn't really fail at things so I wouldn't be surprised if you see Bebo competing directly with MySpace and Facebook in the next couple months. Since each have their downfalls there is definitely room for growth in the social networking business.

Check it here.


Beandip is a dope company. Still really small, printing with water based inks that may not last as long...but provide the softest print of anything available. This Beat Boxin' hoodie is only $59 and available now.

Get it here.


Stussy has been around forever, and still maintains an underground vibe. Its incredible that they have been able to operate under the radar for this long and not turn into a Nike or Reebok. This boat-neck top by Stussy maintains that subtle steeze. Its 46 dolarrrrrs at karmaloop(You just can't order it online cause Stussy likes to be super underground).

Get it Here.

Stay Fresh

New Era does an insane ammount of artist collabs. This one here features a car air freshener chillin on your dome piece. 100% Wool, 30 bucks, available now.

Get it here.


If you have broadband in your house, you need slingbox. All you need to do is plug it into your network, and plug your TV, satellite, or tivo to it...and you can have complete control over your TV from other computers or even a cell phone.

Check it here.

Grenade Girl

Finally, a title that actually reflects the products name. This Grenade Girl tee by Obey is just another great commentary by Mr. Fairey using classic graphics to reflect modern issues. For 28 bucks your getting one hell of a nice piece of art on a t-shirt canvas. Available now at karmaloop.

Get it here.

Wood Stove

Its not a wood stove. But its warm and it looks like wood. Some sort of like brown birch bark print or something, who knows. It does look sweet though. And its got a kangaroo pocket which is dope. Analog always makes some rugged stuff, so the durability is sure to be there too. Available now from karmaloop for $72 dolla dollas..

Get it here

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This Warhol tote by Loop Design is sweet. It has a huge banana on the side, and another little mini banana change purse thing. Its also got a little warhol pin on it too. Available now for $38.

Get it here.

Batter Up

This isn't a cool new product like most of the stuff I post on here. But it is awesome and one of the best ideas ever. Each can is supposed to hold about 8 pancakes. Hopefully there will be a video on youtube of someone doing some pancake whippits real soon.

Check em here.

High Top Croc

Winter's coming. Don't wear your bright kicks cause they'll get all messed up by the snow and salt and other crap thats out there. Pickup a pair of these Supra The Tan Croc highs. Made of suede and croc leather, available now for $100.

Get em here.

White on White

Sheppard Fairey has been in the news alot lately for some of his recent famed street art. The fact that isn't as famed is that Sheppard also runs Obey Clothing. This hoodie here is white on white with a floral print, a little lower key than most obey product. $78 available now at Karmaloop.

Get it here.

Knuckle Up

These babies are some 18k Gold Lace Locks made by IHMDJ! They come as a pair with a velvet pouch. Pretty snazzy shit. They'll even make old asics look sweet.

Buy em here.


Saw this kid on FUEL tv the other day doing an acoustic version of "stella". It stunned me because usually the music on that channel is horrid. The video below is for a song called "If you got the Money". Its sick so listen to it.

Eric Pollard Pro Model

These skis represent a culmination of ski design technology. Featuring a rockered shape, Macroblock Core, and a 137mm waist with graphics from Eric himself this is the ski to buy for powder. If your willing to hulk around a 185cm ski in the park you'll find the rocker is fun as hell there too. $650 Available Now.

Buy em here.

Ballin on a Budget

BMW makes top of the line cars, no one doubts that. I think its also a general consensus that the reason they aren't more popular is their high price tag. This was diminished some with the introduction of the Mini Cooper, and now even more so now that the economical 128i is coming stateside. Starting at around $26,000 this is not a stripped down Bimmer, it is just a smaller and less expensive one that gets 30mpg.

Check it here.

Ladies Watch

Its pink. Its from Nixon. It's water resistant to 30 meters. And its only 60 bucks. One size fits all, available at karmaloop.

Buy it here.

Panda Mitterns

Winter is coming, these deLux Panda Mittens will keep you warm and lookin steezy like a panda. Much Much cooler than those retarded fur mittens from Abercrombie. Much Cheaper too, available for 27 dollas at karmaloop.

Buy Em Here.

Laces Make Shoes

Starks Laces has been around for a while, and they are definitely at the head of the lace game. Keep an eye out on their site the next couple of days cause they will be dropping some new products that are sure to impress.

Starks Laces

Plaid is for Chicks too.

As a guy 99% of chicks styles look the same to me. Guys don't see the difference in frills, a subtle fabric change, or a slight change in cut. What guys do notice though, is the bold style choice of plaid. This plaid button down is by Lux Buffalo and available only at Urban Outfitters.

Get it here.

Mimoco Flash Drives

Regular flash drives are boring and the price has gotten so low on them why not invest a few more dollars in something with some substance behind it? The bots come in storage sizes of 1,2, and 4GB and range in price from $50-$110.
Mimoco Website

Blue Jeans?

New pants from DURKL in cyan blue. Definitely no other companies making jeans in this color and these are ultra limited so get them now. Classic cut too so you don't look emo, which is always a huge plus.

Buy em here.

Film The Idea

This movie is an absolutely incredible spectacle of the human body. The creativity from start to finish in this movie is unsurpassed. If you like skiing, or art in any capacity then go buy this movie. I would embed the movie here but its wide for my format. Click the link to jump and check it.
Idea Website

Nomis Heated Hoodie

It's a hoodie. It's Heated. Does that make it a jacket? Who knows. What I know is that its crazy warm, and looks awesome just like all the other Nomis gear. 160 Bones, Available Now.

Nomis Website
Buy Here

WeSC Headphones

WeSC is a sweet company making stuff for the dudes and ladies. Now they are also making headphones in multiple colors and styles. The ones pictured here are The Classic Headphones in Vibrant Yellow. Available at Karmaloop now.

Buy at Karmaloop
WeSC Website

Newest ALIFE Shoes

A Life asics custom sneakerA Life NYC is a fashion Boutique out of the Rivington Club in NYC. These are ALife's latest shoe creation, the Green Monster Asics, a rare custom made sneaker from a regular track star Asic.

Custom Made Sneakers from ALIFE Shoes

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