6 Best Skateboard Decks Reviewed

  • Almost Impact Skateboard Decks
These decks feature carbon disks over the trucks that makes the board rigid where it needs it, and poppy where it doesn't. Light 7 ply deck, slightly lighter than most carbon blends.

Almost Cooper OG Impact Skateboard Deck

  • Alien X-Band Skateboard Decks
Xband decks have the plywood arranged in a cross pattern running at 45 degrees throughout the board. This make it stronger so they can make the deck thinner and lighter. About the same weight as the Almost Impact Decks.

Alien Workshop Dyrdek Soldier Xband Deck

  • Almost Uber Light Decks
In my opinion, this is the best skateboard design there is. Its the lightest and poppiest out of any in this comparison. Uses a standard 7 ply layup around a carbon foam deck. Watch Rodney Mullen on you tube if you need more of a testimonial.

Almost Mullen Uber Light Deck

  • Foundation Fiberlam Decks
The fiberlam decks use fiber ply layers on the top and bottom. This gives the board longer than average pop, and a smooth sliding base that will last a while. (This is the same technology that Toy Machine Uses)

Foundation Vertigo Yellow Fiberlam Deck

  • Blind Eternal Life Decks
Longest lasting skateboard deck made. Doesn't make any claims about being the lightest because it doesn't come close. It uses a composite formed from aluminum and epoxy glass to create "Texalium". If you want a deck to last and take huge bomb drops this is it. Even comes with a 90 day warranty.

Blind Creager Machine Deck

  • Element Push Decks
Push decks feature 5 air chambers in the layup that make it the second lightest deck in this roundup. This is essentially an upgrade version of the Element Helium Decks that were the first of this superlight breed. All of the element skateboard decks are popular with kids, so if you're looking for a gift you can't go wrong with this.

Element Tave Positive Negative Deck

That's It for now. If a company decides to put out a deck with a new technology in it I'll definitely post about it here so keep checking back, or subscribe to my feed to stay up to date. If you've got some personal experience with any of these decks leave a comment here and let us know what you think!