Paris Hilton Tee Roundup

She may be dumb, she may be a bit of a whore, but there is no denying her popularity and success as a celebrity. Plus she likes to party, and I fully support that. So I've decided to do a roundup of a few Paris Hilton Tee Shirts that I've found around the Internet.


The Paris Hilton Color Block Tee
Paris Hilton Color Block Tee
Paris Hilton Face TeeParis Hilton Face Tee
Striped Paris Hilton TeeParis Hilton Striped Tee Paris Hilton Boot TeeParis Boot Tee


Paris Hilton's big face on a tee, over some bright colors...you want that? Oh you wanted her face in green or behind some pink stripes? Yeah I found those too. Hell, I even found Paris in some fishnets wearing stripper boots. Best of all, these are available now for $34.50.