Roxy Wetsuits

Roxy wetsuits, a division of quicksilver, gives all of their wetsuits a  1 year warranty on materials and craftsmanship. If you've ever spent an entire year sliding one of these on and off you know how much wear gets put on these wetsuits. Roxy wetsuits are one of the best dealers out there, since quicksilver is such a big company they can afford to put the research into them to make them the best available- and at a reasonable price too. In this post I'll feature the two Roxy Wetsuits for the east coasters that have to roll in cold water year round- The Ignite, and the Syncro.

2008 Roxy Wetsuits

The Ignite wetsuit is Roxy Wetsuits highest end suit available. This is good down to 45 degree water and features a short back zip to minimize the cold water flushing. This is available now for $215,

4/3mm Ignite Roxy Wetsuits

3/2mm Ignite Roxy Wetsuits
The Syncro Wetsuit gives you the most bang for your buck. At just $154 for the 4/3mm model (which is rated to 55 degrees) you are getting a suit that most companies are selling for closer to $300.

4/3mm Syncro Roxy Wetsuits

3/2mm Syncro Roxy Wetsuits