DC Hats by New Era

Its no secret that New Era is at the head of the hat game. But did you know all of the DC Hats are made by New Era? Well you probably did actually, cause new era is one of the few supplier companies that puts their logo on all their goods.

It's a status symbol, the New Era Logo. Once just the supplier of hats for the MLB, New Era has growing into the supplier of companies like Quicksilver, Hurley, and DC.

This post is about the DC hats that New Era makes though, so let me focus on that. All of the hats feature the iconic DC logo, which is easily recognized from a distance. And Most feature designs that get more intricate when you look closer. Here's the bunch of new DC Hats that are available now:

New DC Hats by New Era

DC Hats DC Hats DC Hats
DC Hats DC Hats DC Hats