The Enjoi Panda Shirt

Enjoi PandaThe Enjoi Panda is one of the most prolific logo's in the skate industry. It's origins stem from a combination of their somewhat chinky riders, and dedication to the Environmental Protection Agency. Most skate companies take their revenue and keep it in their pockets to buy Vodka or a 30 rack of High Life, which is cool. Enjoi takes 55% of their revenue and donates it to the Environmental Protection Agency, which is respectable and cool.

Here are some of my favorite incarnations of the Enjoi Panda Shirts  that are currently out, if you buy 2 you get them for $17.99, 3 or more you get them for $15.99 a piece.

Enjoi Panda Shirt RastaRasta Enjoi Panda Shirt Enjoi Panda Shirt WoodyWoody Enjoi Panda Shirt
Enjoi Panda Shirt GalacticGalactic Enjoi Panda Shirt  Enjoi Panda Shirt X RayX-Ray Enjoi Panda Shirt