What is Streetwear?

One of the main jobs as a blog owner is to identify keywords. Keywords that connect people with content they are seeking. While I know the content on this site is top notch, I often struggle to put words to what I find. I'm aware that the technical term of the clothing I research and review is "Streetwear", but thats not how the people define it. To me this has come as a big surprise and has lead me to the question, What is streetwear?

Is it Hip Hop Clothing? Is it Punk Clothing? Is it pop culture inspired?

The answer is that the category of streetwear has grown to cover all of these. Judging by the number of orders placed as Karmaloop in a day, and the Number of searches placed for Hip Hop Clothing, Punk Clothing, Urban Clothing, and other similar terms- The people have defined streetwear simply as EVERYTHING.

Streetwear is Hip Hop Clothing.
Streetwear is Punk Clothing.
Streetwear is Pop Culture Clothing.
Streetwear is Urban Clothing.